Kittens no more

It seems just like yesterday that we brought 2 tiny, squirmy furballs into our home.  And boy, the things we’ve learnt in these 2 years:
Cats cannot drink milk
Remember pictures in children storybooks where you see cats happily lapping up saucers of milk? Well, it’s a load of rubbish.  Milk has no nutritional value to cats and most are lactose intolerant.  Feeding them milk will cause diarrhea.  When we found out, we wanted to slap ourselves silly.  

Some cats are just plain sloppy
A normal cat spends quite a bit of time each day cleaning itself.   Unless your cat is Flyball.  He spends a grand total of 1 minute each day grooming, and it’s usually just a courtesy lick on his back.  There are days when even Moofa cannot stand him and we’ve seen her wrestle him to the ground just so she can clean his face!  

Idle paws = A whole lot of mischief
Cats are very curious creatures by nature and they bore easily.  So it really helps to provide some mental stimulation.  If not, they’ll find something to amuse themselves with and it’s likely to involve chewed-up wires and destroying stuff that you love.  The Hubs and I rack our brains every night coming up with puzzles and toys to entertain the cats.  And trust me, after two years, we’re running out of ideas.  Some nights, the cats solve their puzzles within a few minutes, look at us and go “is that all you’ve got?” 

Cats are like snowflakes
Each cat has a unique personality.  Some love meeting new people while others are more fussy about the friends they make.  Flyball welcomes all who come to our house by plopping down on your feet, lolling around, belly up, asking to play.  Moofa being the princess is a lot more selective.  She adores family and likes close friends but draws the line at the air-con man who insists on making meowing noises at her every time he visits.    

2 cats are better than 1
We were hesitant about adopting 2 kittens but once you’ve watched them play, groom and snuggle together, there is really no doubt that 2 is indeed better than 1.  The cats are inseparable – like Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum.  Keep them apart for a few minutes and they behave like it’s the end of the world.  

Owning cats is insanely fun
Yup, it’s been two years.  On days when we come home to find puke on the floor or fur flying all over the place, we think we must be mad to own cats.  But on most days when we cuddle a purring cat, I think “hey, life’s pretty good”


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