The weekend in brief

I discovered that the best way to share in a good friend’s wedding is to actually … not attend it.  The bride was still doing her hair when I popped  by early to drop off my ang bao.  She graciously allowed me to squeeze into the tiny changing room with her where I spent the next hour or so happily propped on the dressing table.  We talked, laughed and gossiped about her big day and men.  It was the most fun I’ve had at a wedding in ages!

This weekend was also The Hub’s birthday and it presented me with the same old question: How do you celebrate a birthday when the birthday boy just isn’t interested in birthdays?  And to top it off, the birthday boy was mobilised by the army this year and held captive the entire day.  He clearly was unaffected while I whined about the waste of a birthday.  Never one to ignore a birthday, I went off to splurge on a cake from Canelle – milk chocolate coffee mousse, chocolate genoise with expresso, salty caramel and hazelnut feullitine.  The birthday boy wasn’t impressed but I had fun buying the cake.

We also discovered burger heaven at Relish – “a casual chic joint dedicated to gourmet burgers” located at Cluny Court.  We had been disappointed before by expensive burgers which were a complete waste of money, and kept our expectations in check.  But we didn’t have to worry.  The burgers at Relish were delicious with thick, juicy beef patties even though we had them done medium well.  The Hubs had the popular Wild Rocket burger and I tried the Blue Cheese and William Pear.  We’ll definitely go back and try some of the other stuff like the bbq char siew burger and the grilled portobello tofu burger.  But a word of caution: try to avoid the weekends.  We were lucky enough to get a table during Sunday lunch without reservations but service was s-l-o-w.  Nevertheless, the food was good and I just love dining in open, airy spaces with high ceilings with exposed brick walls.  Mmmm … burgerlicious….


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