Miracle cure

As most of you know, I suffer from pretty bad cramps when “my good friend” comes to town every month.  I get the cramps plus diarrhea, and on really bad months, I start throwing up.  Those who belong to the Chinese school of thought have advised me to stay away from “cooling” foods as these tend to aggravate the condition.  I try but given my insatiable craving for iced tea, it’s a lost battle.  I’ve also tried evening primrose oil but I find the capsules very hard to swallow and have you tried burping evening primrose? It’s disgusting!  So, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that it’s a pain to be a woman, pop my painkillers and try my best to get on with life.  Until now.  

I’ve just discovered that my miracle cure lies in the humble multi-B complex supplement lying around in my fridge.  The supplement was prescribed because I sometimes get strange stabbing pains which come and go.  I don’t know how to describe them except to say, imagine someone jabbing you with a large needle every 2 minutes for the next 24-36 hours.  It’s not so much the pain that bugs me but that it’s just plain irritating.  The doctors have no idea what I’m talking about, think it could simply be a nerve thingy and prescribed a course of vitamin-B.  I seldom take the supplements because the stabbing pains normally go away by the next day and I’m forgetful.  Anyhoo, I had another attack 2 weeks back and decided to give the supplements another try.  I dutifully popped a tablet every night.  And funny thing was, this month, when “my good friend” came, all was calm and peaceful.  Sure, I had some cramping but it wasn’t too bad and I didn’t even need to reach for my painkillers.  Initially, I wasn’t sure if it had anything to do with the vitamin-B and did some googling.  Turns out vitamin-B6 is especially important for women who suffer from menstrual cramps.  In fact,  it has been found that the following nutritional supplements help:  calcium, magnesium, essential fatty acids (found in evening primrose oil), edible linseed oil, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc.  Studies show that vitamin-B complex helps reduce pre-menstrual tension, vitamin C helps strengthen blood vessels in the uterus (esp important for those who suffer from heavy bleeding) and calcium and magnesium alleviate cramping when taken in combination.

Now, why didn’t anyone tell me about this earlier?


3 thoughts on “Miracle cure”

  1. Cramps
    Hey dat’s good, you can recommend to Ms Ang also cos she also suffers from that. May be a little tough for me cos i dun swallow pills & vit B tastes real bad if i were to chew. I’ve recently also taken some chinese herbs where it can be taken as a soup as well with eggs/ lean meat or chicken and tastes bittersweet. It’s called ba1 zhen1. I was so surprised dat after taking dat, the following mth was so ‘peaceful’ & the flow was not as much. Now crossing fingers dat it will work again this mth & den I’ll religiously take dat once every mth 🙂 u might like to try dat since u only take dat once a mth vs every day hehe ;p

    1. Re: Cramps
      When do you take the herb? Just before? Ya, I must remember to tell her although we told her to see doc already. According to Dr Chew, you’re not supposed to have any cramps after giving birth. If there is, likely to have problem.

    2. Re: Cramps
      Suppose to take d herb a week after your menses so that it’s all cleared up before you take. Ms Ang said she tried that before but felt bloated but said will try again. Hope the results are ok.
      For me, I guess I’ve to take it together with primrose & do exercise. Was too happy about finding the remedy that I overate the cooling stuff last mth & kena a bad cramp this mth ;p so still need to take in moderation 🙂

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