Your Wii fitness age is 79

  公公!Tilt …. tilt …. TIIIIILT!!” 

婆婆! Stop running so fast, you’ll fall down!!”

公公! Jump as far as you can and HOLD!!”

婆婆! You have to stay BEHIND the dog!!”

You only get to hear stuff like this when playing Wii Fit with 2 very excited kids, 2 very game grandparents and 2 crazy uncles.

After a sumptuous Father’s Day lunch with the in-laws last Sunday at Long Beach, I think all the adults really wanted was a quiet afternoon.  But all hopes for some peace flew out of the window when the Wii Fit was turned on.   Especially when my FIL decided to join in the game.  And boy, was he good!  He deftly balanced virtual puzzle boards, took part in a ski jump competition and walked a tight rope.  By this time, the kids were shrieking in excitement while the rest of us cheered him on.

For the uninitiated, Wii Fit is the latest video game developed by Nintendo. It consists primarily of exercise activities utilizing the Wii Balance Board.  The balance board is pressure sensitive and allows you to play about 40 different activities, including yoga poses, push ups, and other exercises.  We worked up a pretty good sweat but don’t expect a weight-loss miracle cure.  What’s good is that it gets you off the couch and it’s great fun for the whole family.  I guess having a board declare that you are overweight and suggest that you lay off the afternoon snacks is probably a step in the right direction too.


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