Japan Hour

You always know it’s Father’s Day by how little fuss there is.  The restaurants are never crowded.  The stores don’t try to emotionally blackmail you into buying something really expensive for that special man in your life.  I guess a big part of the reason is, well, because the dads don’t buy into all this hallmark nonsense.  So if you want to give your dad a heart attack on Father’s Day, all you have to do is go buy him a $15 Father’s Day card and hear him gasp in horror "But it’s just paper!!".

Tonight was supposed to be my post-birthday celebration since both my dad and The Hubs were away last week.  And my dad being my dad happily declared "Can combine with Father’s Day!"  Oh, well.  

We tried Kushigin at Cuppage Plaza and dinner was wonderful.  Kushigin’s specialty is their yakitori.  They have over 40 kinds of yakitori items on the menu and the chefs grill the items right in front of you.  We tried the set courses which came with appetisers, yakitori, sashimi, rice, hotpot and dessert.  While the set was value for money ($40), the next time I visit, I would probably order off the ala carte menu.  The chef decides on the yakitori items for the sets so a lot of times, I had The Hubs lean over and whisper "Do you have any idea what this is?!?".  Nevertheless, the food was good and it made for an authentic Japanese dining experience.  Actually, being in that tiny restaurant and surrounded by the mainly Japanese customers and wait staff, it felt a little like an episode of Japan Hour. 

Kushigin Japanese Restaurant
#01-01, Cuppage Plaza


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