More pressies

I’m a happy girl! The Hubs is back and I get more presents.  He managed to pop by a Coach outlet store and picked up these lovelies at a steal.  Prices were slashed to below S$200 per bag.  Now I understand why people come back with 6-7 bags in tow.  And now, I’m so tempted to go to the US, especially since the exchange rate is soooooo low.  Never mind the 18-hour flights.  So long as there’s great shopping!  Hi, my name is … and I am a shopaholic.


3 thoughts on “More pressies”

  1. you are such a lucky girl. your hubby is so creative and thoughtful. and knows your taste too! what a gem. i think he will also make an excellent father 🙂

      1. thanks! 🙂 ya, he’s a lot more creative and thoughtful than me so sometimes I feel bad cos my way is more the “eh, tell me what you want for your birthday, christmas, etc leh” 😛

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