Birthday surprise

The Hubs was in the US this week and wasn’t around on my birthday.  But he made sure I got my present by leaving a series of clues like this one below around the house. 

The first one led me to our scrabble game set: 
“Where leaves drop like they’re made of gold
And letters aligned and words unfold”

Where I found the second one: 
“Where five men hustle to beat one man,
On ice, but in this case, in your hands”

And on the ice hockey table, I found the third: 
“Where a fairy tale is told in a disc not too far,
A lovable creature was made “an All Star”

The fourth was hidden away in the Shrek DVD: 
“Where a rainbow ends and Leprechauns behold,
A child of a Dragon guarding their gold”

And near the mythical “Bi Xui”, I found the final clue: 
“Where a set of china named after a flower
Is stored and guarded by two fearsome tigers”

Which led me to my present hidden right under my nose in the kitchen with our peony dining set.  A gorgeous, black halter dress from BCBGMaxAzria.  And it fits like a glove!

Frankly, I don’t really care for the dress.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great dress but it was the sweet, thoughtful gesture from The Hubs that totally took my breath away. 


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