The dating game

While strolling through Shanghai’s People’s Park, we chanced upon groups of elderly men and women in animated discussion and pieces of handwritten ads clipped onto the nearby bushes and trees.  Heh, what we originally thought was some sleazy happening turned out to be a simple case of the ‘ol mums and dads carrying out traditional matchmaking for their children.  

Apparently Shanghai parents have been gathering at this park for the past three years to exchange information about their sons and daughters.  Because the children are too busy with their careers, worried parents have stepped in to help.  They hunt down potential candidates, select a few and let their kids decide if they want to meet up to take it further.  

What was interesting was also the kind of information that was used to “peddle” their kids.  For the ladies, the write-ups usually had the following adjectives “graceful, fair, attractive, pretty, gracious…” while the write-ups for the men usually contained information on height, income, occupation, etc.  I guess men and women are still judged by fairly different standards.  Hmmm … if given the chance, I wonder how my mom would advertise me?


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