Isn’t she the cutest?

 I’ve always had the sneaky suspicion that The Hubs was Moof@’s favourite human.  Alright …  I’ve always known that he ranked No. 1 for both cats… sigh. But I don’t get it.  I’m always the one that’s running after them to smother their cute ‘lil faces with hugs and kisses.  Oh … wait a minute … 

Fine, but that doesn’t excuse Moof@’s behaviour for the past week.  Everybody knows that cats are creatures of habit, i.e. they’re obsessive compulsive about doing the same thing, at the same time, everyday.  And yet, I wind up with a feline princess that is fully capable of mood swings.

The Hubs was away on a business trip this past week so that meant I was the only maid on duty.  On usual days, while The Hubs mopped and cleaned out the kitty litter, Moof@ makes it her business to follow him around and do the darnest cutest things.  She would trot after him and ask for pets with the sweetest meow.  Or she would play with the plastic bags with the most adorable kitten expression.

This week, while I mopped and cleaned, she made it her business to let me know she only regarded me as a second-rate choice.  She sat high up on the refrigerator and stared down at me while I went about with the chores, coming down only for dinner before jumping right up to her royal throne.  Her behaviour even confused Flyb@ll who looked up at her with a bewildered expression on most nights.

The naive part of me thought that she had started on a new routine until The Hubs came back.  The minute he walked into the kitchen, she changed from the Ice Princess to Cutest Cat In The World.  She gave him the sweetest meow and started playing with her toys.

The Hubs looked at me, ‘Isn’t she the cutest?"

Yes, she is.  Yes, she is.


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