Up and away

I am so not a “Oooooh, look at the view!” kind of person.   I can probably do it for like 1 minute, fake it for another couples of minutes but anything longer than 5 minutes would bore me to death.  Which is a good thing I didn’t have to pay to ride on the Singapore Flyer tonight.  The Flyer is the hottest attraction in town and it offers a breathtaking, paranomic view of the Singapore skyline.  But quite frankly, I thought it wasn’t really a big deal.  The first couple of minutes was interesting and the view at the top of the wheel was awesome but to be in the wheel for half an hour was a little bit of a drag.  The problem is that the view doesn’t change much so unless you’re the type of person who likes to sit back and admire a city skyline for 37 minutes, the ride wouldn’t do much for you.  But don’t take my word for it.  I’m the same person who thought the Milford Sound in NZ was a waste of time.


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