Small Blue Thing

 Since we’ve been together, The Hubs has introduced me to some pretty unusual stuff.  One of which I must say is Suzanne Vega. 

The Hubs is a fan.  He thinks she has nice hair.  She makes him fork out money for concert tickets without complaints.  I think she reminds me of a cat.  Anyhoo, I digress.

If you’ve never heard of Suzanne Vega, I don’t really know how to tell you who she is.  All I can say is that she’s really talented, has a great voice and sings really weird songs. 

I fell in love with Suzanne Vega because she is such a beautiful storyteller.  Her lyrics are rich in metaphors and as she sings, I can see her stories unfold in my mind.  Her songs are of city life and ordinary people and she touches on difficult topics like abuse, loneliness and alienation.

Her concert last night was well …. very Suzanne Vega.  She started with an unaccompanied version of Tom’s Diner and soon had most of us humming along to it.  In between songs, she chatted and joked with the audience like old friends.  We lapped it up.  3 encores later, we went home happy.  

Ooooh, and we managed to get her to autograph the CD of her latest album Beauty and Crime.

And I still think she reminds me of a cat.


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