Holy Moly Batman!

Funny how time flies when you’re having fun.  On this very day some 11 years ago, The Hubs and I decided we could try at being a couple for 3 months.  Err .. why 3 months? Because being the committment phobics that we were, we needed to know that there was a clear way out.  A “no obligations, no questions asked” exit policy.  And it was because we both finally found someone who could truly get that is why we’re here now.  

I suppose I could say that I found my one, true soulmate.  But I’ve never believed in finding the perfect someone.  Nobody’s perfect.  What I found was someone who loves me for who I am … someone who believes in me … someone who makes me laugh … someone who makes me a better person … someone who gives me backrubs even when he’s really tired … someone who gets that I get cranky when I’m hungry or sometimes for no reason at all … someone who goes shopping for hours with me with absolutely no complaints … someone who knows how much I love pink … someone who doesn’t get why I love winter wear but goes through the trouble to order them secretly for me on-line anyway … and someone who still remembers that special day after 11 years. 


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