We just killed over 20 baby cockroaches and nymphs.  

Today is just not my day.  Or maybe it’s Roach Day and nobody told me.  It started this afternoon during lunch.  I ordered ban mian and the stall holder had the cheek to pass off instant noodles to me.  It would have been okay if the noodles weren’t all clumped up together into balls of flour.  Riiight, since it was just after mass, I turned the other cheek and ordered Roti John from the Indian stall.  By the time it arrived, I was starving.  I dipped into the ketchup and was like Hey, what’s that brown blob? Turned out to be a baby roach.  Poor guy probably drowned himself in ketchup.  You know, it’s amazing how quickly you can go from Man, I can eat a horse to Crap. I don’t want to eat anything for the rest of the day.  Makes you wonder if hunger is just all in the head.

Anyhoo, the baby ketchup roach was just part of the welcome parade.  

The Hubs and I had just settled down for the night when my brother who’s staying over mentioned that Moof@ was messing around with a cockroach.  Now he said it with such nonchalance that we assumed it was no big deal.  Cats mess around with roaches all the time.  It’s what they do for entertainment since they don’t have TV.  Or internet.

Turned out there were baby roaches scuttling all over the kitchen floor.  And two VERY EXCITED cats.  With the number of roaches running around, they probably thought they had died and gone to kitty heaven.  

The Hubs bravely marched in and started exterminating the roaches one by one.  He then threw Flyb@ll out of the yard area to nuke the rubbish chute with Baygon and taped it shut with duct tape.  By this time, you could almost hear the cats whine, party poopers.

Right, we’re going off to bed.  I now declare Roach Day officially over.  So good luck to the rest of the roaches who are still hanging around and hoping for a post-celebration party.  They’ll just have to deal with the cats. 


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