Shoes to fill

I got a new pair of mustard yellow converse!!! Aren’t they adorable?!  And I got them on SALE for only $29.90!!!!

I’ve been meaning to get myself a new pair since mine got half-stolen.  Yup, you got that right.  HALF-stolen.  Some a**hole decided to steal them one night when I left them outside my mom-in-law’s place.  But instead of walking away with them like a normal thief, the moron brought them down to the staircase landing and decided to try them on for size.  I guess it was the wrong size and my shoes were left by the staircase landing.  So I was forced into a situation where I still had my shoes but could not bring myself to wear them ever again.  And because somebody couldn’t steal a pair of shoes properly, I had to throw away the perfect pair of converse – an army green pair with the star by the side.  Sob.

This pair is just to fill the void that my old pair left.  Really.


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