Sweet, sweet Japanese goodness

We checked out Yamakawa Super at Central today.  This shop is stocked with unusual Japanese snacks usually available only in Japan.  

I’m telling you, this place makes you want to buy things.  

I don’t really care for things that come in flavours like green tea and lemon.  Why? Cos it’s wussy, that’s why.  But I ended up buying all the flavours that the kit kat bars came in.  So it was brandy and orange, white chocolate, dark chocolate and yes, green tea and lemon too. *hanging my head in shame*

We wanted to try the McVitie’s biscuits that came in sesame and sweet potato but unfortunately they were out.  Next time, I guess.

Yamakawa Super @ Central, #B1-28b

*** Update

Lemon          – Told you it was wussy.  Tastes like Khong Guan biscuits.  And it cost me $9.50/pack.
Green Tea    – Another wussy flavour!  Actually, worse – it’s a confused wussy flavour cos it tastes more like red bean than green tea.
Dark Choc    – Yummy!! Smooth dark chocolate over the kit kat wafer biscuit
Orange and Brandy – Hmmm.. this is ok but you can hardly taste any brandy.  Just orange.
White Choc   – Don’t like white choc so I didn’t try this.  Heh. 

Conclusion: Green tea and lemon are wussy flavors.


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