Boring Saturday bits

> Walked to the market for breakfast but as it looked like it was going to pour, we grabbed both breakfast and lunch, and the Saturday papers and headed home.

> Groomed the 2 cats.  Moof@, being the princess that she is, adores being groomed and spent the session purring in the basket as we brushed and combed her.  Flyb@ll, on the other hand, being the dog that he thinks he is, spent his time trying to run off with us going Stay.  Stay.  I said STAY.

> Household chores are not our idea of a great way to spend a Saturday but hey, houses don’t clean themselves.  I have new found respect for cat fur.  Do you know that they can actually find their way into your freezer and fridge? So I had a pretty satisfying time cleaning out the fridge.  While we were hard at work, the cats napped, belly up.  What a life.

> Went for a swim and managed about 8 laps.

> Had a very late lunch at 5pm

> Finished watching Serenity – the feature-length adaptation of Joss Whedon’s TV show Firefly.  It was a good ending to the series but I’m not sure how to rate it as a movie though. 

> Figured we deserved a treat after the swim and ordered KFC for a late dinner.

Not a terribly exciting day but now the floors are squeaky clean, my arms are aching from all the swimming and the cats have fur as soft as silk.  Ok, maybe just Moofa’s. 


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