I’m just a cat

Poor Flyb@ll is down with the sniffles again.  

I swear this cat wouldn’t last a week as a stray.  

He’s got way too many issues – he has a sensitive gut, his sniffles are easily triggered, he stinks up the entire room when he gets overly excited, he digs at the kitty litter like it offended him and generations of cats before him, sending litter flying all over the place, he’s a big scaredy cat and worse of all, he cannot stop talking.  On and on he goes, announcing what’s he’s doing, what he plans to do next, how he feels, what he thinks, what he needs, what he thinks Moofa is doing and shouldn’t be doing.  He does all this at a volume loud enough for the deaf and to top it all off, he howls at imaginary cockroaches.  Even after we tell him to shut up, he ALWAYS gets in the last word meow.

But he’s also the most affectionate cat I’ve ever met.  When we come home, he behaves like we’re the best thing that’s happened to him all day.  When we go into the kitchen for a drink, he falls at our feet purring even though he just saw us 10 minutes ago.  And when we give him his cuddles at the end of the day, he purrs so loudly that he sounds like an old man snoring.  

He has the biggest heart and the sweetest temperament you can find.  No matter how badly we scold him, he always comes back with a friendly head butt to say "It’s okay, I still love you".  He allows Moofa to eat from his bowl even when it’s tuna night, gives up his warm bed when the princess decides it’s too much effort warming up her own and he lets her play with all the new toys, content to be happily running alongside.  And he’s a gentle giant who plays with us with his claws sheathed no matter how excited he gets. 

Yup, he wouldn’t last a week as a stray.


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