Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

Most people who know me think that nothing makes me happier than buying a pair of shoes.  Well, yeah, shoes make me happy.  OK, they make me deliriously happy but not many people know that topping my list of favourite things also are:

> Powerpoint slides – creating them, editing them, making sure that each slide is customised and everything is aligned. Ahhhhhhhhhh .. the satisfaction of it all after spending hours shifting bullet points and standardising text boxes

> Excel spreadsheets – what’s not to love? Numbers, graphs, pie charts, bar charts, XY scatters and magic formulas that help you calculate stuff

> Yoda – cos he’s small, cute, green and has such atrocious grammer!

> Office supplies – pens in assorted colours, post-it pads, paper, envelopes, shredders, hole punchers, little sticky tags ….. paradise

> Household applicances – stainless steel refrigerators, microwaves, washing machines that promise to do everything.  Just walking through a home appliance store and opening and closing the fridge doors make me happy.

> Sandwich makers – 2 slices of bread and endless yummy possibilities

> IKEA – Great storage solutions, yummy meatballs, furniture that’s easy on the pocket and looks good and lots of office and pet supplies … Just the smell of ikea furniture as I walk through their doors is enough to give me a high

Did I mention label makers? You know, the cute little machines that print out sticky little labels? Now I just need to find enough things for me to label.

And of course …. creating a new blog journal


One thought on “Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens”

  1. nice photo
    excellent photo to symbolize the good things in life. professional photographer? amatuer on a DSLR?

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